Dr. Michael Solly, D.D.S. and his staff at Knoxville Smile Center provided free dental care for Community For Heroes in November.  Dr. Solly and his team performed over $12,500 of procedures for our veterans at no cost. These procedures provided pain relief for a number of our veterans, improving their daily life. The Smile Center also provided $162.00 of food plus other gifts. Work that wasn’t able to be completed during the day will be finished at a later date at no additional charge.

The veterans spoke highly of Dr. Solly and his staff, stating they had never been treated so well. If you need dental work, head to Knoxville, TN to check out Dr. Solly at Knoxville Smile Center.

Check out more information about Knoxville Smile Center by visiting http://www.knoxvillesmilecenter.com/

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