We are looking for materials to build a storage space. We have a place to build it, but we need materials. We’re looking to construct a 20×30 metal building with 8′ walls and a roof.

We are in need of metal roofing (doesn’t have to match in color), 2×4’s, metal studs, or any other material you think you may have and can donate.

We have storage now but can not afford to pay for it unless we get more to donate for storage cost.

We are also looking for a truck or car someone is willing to donate. A truck is needed to pick up donations as we receive them. If we get a car we will donate it to a veteran or sell it to buy a truck. We also have access to a trailer, but not all the time, so if you can help with that we’d appreciate it too.

If you can help or know someone that can please let us know. Thanks for the help everyone. We are so far ahead because of the support we have from this community. Thank you Cookeville!

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